Fryd Chiken

Fryd Chiken was born in the deep south (LA) but now lives in TN.  I love home cooking and my favorite of course is fried chicken with tater wedges and an orange drink, the store brand.  My music is inspired, never planned.  It comes from my heart mostly.  I have been performing for many years and this is my first album.  I'm working on the second one now.  I talk straight and believe honesty is most important.  I worship the Almighty and believe He always comes first, manners and respect are also high on my list.  I write most genres of music, some blues ,country, rock, bluegrass, gospel, and even some alternative.  I love all kinds.  If any of you folks out there live near Harriman, TN and would like to get together and pick a little, I would like that. My songs are all copyrighted and registered, but if you might be interested in recording any of my songs, that would be great just send me an email at "".  If you have any songs you would like to record, I know of a portable recording studio that I use.  If you are interested, I can fix you up as long as they know in advance because they are pretty busy.  As long as you are not a drunk, (a beer or two is ok sometimes) we can jam.  I never cared much for bullies either, life is hard enough.  I love meeting new people and making friends.  I will always shake your hand.  We only get a chance for one first impression, and I hope I give you a good one.  Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you enjoy it.